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Gioya Tuma-Waku

Gioya Tuma-Waku is an actress based in Los Angeles. She was born in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. Her love of performance started at an early age and by age 10 she knew that her passion and future lay in Acting. Her performance in the film Pink Lemonade has gotten her a a nomination as Best Actress Semi Finalist for the Olympic Film Festival as well as a nomination for Best Actress for the LA Film Awards. She also won Honorable Mention Actress in in an Indie Film for Pink Lemonade at the Los Angeles Film Awards.

Suzanne Banning

Suzanne Banning is an award-winning artist who is mostly known for her self-portraits. Her medium, among other things, is “Experimental Photography”, as she calls it. She creates her work during performance-like sessions in which she devises an alternative world and plays various roles, drawing inspiration from poetry, novels, movies and a variety of Mythology (including Greek, Roman, & Hawaiian Mythology). During her photo shoots she uses photos and movies to add color and depth, thus creating a sense of space. To fuel herself she uses music, her most important muse being Tori Amos. This way, Banning’s work combines her love for Visual Art, Literature, Film and Music. Her work has been shown in 8 countries around the world in 5 solo shows and 75 group-exhibitions curated by Connie Butler, Dan Cameron, Andrea Karnes, Dominique Molon, Marysol Nieves, James Rondeau, among others. Her work is part of the Permanent Collection of the Art Museum of South Texas in Corpus Christi (USA) and has been acquired by 29 Private Collectors.

Khyati Rajvanshi

Khyati Rajvanshi is an Assistant Output Editor and Researcher at New Delhi Television Limited. She helps edit and produce the Prime Time shows in NDTV 24×7. With a degree in Film Studies and Communications (BA Honors Oxford Brookes University) and Masters in Multimedia Journalism (University of Westminster), she is a film buff and loves to critique films.

Pooja Singh

She brings with her 20 years of experience in the field of TV Journalism and Movie Making. She has had an illustrious career which saw her taking on various roles of Producer, Director, RJ, Anchor, Actor and many more.

Keyuri Shah

She is a known Bollywood actress based in Mumbai with around 2 dozen films to her credit. She started as a theater artiste and has done many short films, commercials, fashion modelling for many brands and print shoots. She has acted as a lead actress  in a number of regional language feature films in India.

Scott-Elizabeth Blum

Scott has a passion for enjoying films of all sorts in particular those with “a message that makes him ponder and think”. His involvement in the Hague Global Cinema Festival is as a film-goer and he is mightily impressed by the innovation and the sheer quality of all of the films that are submitted.

Scott has lived and worked overseas, he has travelled extensively, and now resides in the UK where he is enjoying life.

Musharraf Alam Zauqui

Musharraf Alam Zauqui is a renowned writer who has more than 150 books to his credit. He is in the field of writing scripts and screenplays of films for more than 35 years. He had been the mentor of some of the most successful film celebrities in the Bollywood. He has been honoured with several awards in India and abroad.

Willem Handels

Willem Handels is a connoisseur of art, well read and well traveled person. He lives in The Hague. He has great interest in literature and art cinema. Great and well developed interest in music of many origins and classical and modern dance in it’s widest sense.

Sunita Rajvanshi

A Mathematician with a degree from IIT, Roorkee, India and a Mixed Media Artist. With a passion for art, she attained a diploma in Fine Arts from Raja Mansingh Tomar Music & Arts University, India and has participated in various art exhibitions across India, Middle East and Europe for charity purposes. She loves to watch all types of films and is a passionate critique. She also believes that movies shape our lives.

Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube : @SunRajArts

Elizabeth Blum

A keen movie goer Elizabeth enjoys many genres especially international films and travel documentaries. She has lived and worked in UK Middle East and Switzerland and loves travel.

Wladyslav van Hanswijck de Jonge

Wladyslav was a collector of movies. His collection is more then 500 films. He used to watch them wit a lot of joy. During his illness he tried to see as many as submitted films as he could. He was happy to be part of the project. Wladyslav was one the judges in The Hague Global Cinema Festival. He passed away early September 2019, at the age of 47.

Jane Walker

Jane is a an artist and musicians and fond of literature.

Marius Gruson

Maruis Gruson is a German film critic, political scientist.

Joline Koch

Joline is a film lover, traveler , she speaks many European languages fluently.

Kim Meijer

Kim (27) was born and raised in The Netherlands. She is part time working in administration. She likes to do projects on a social level like cooking for homeless people in the winter. Although she is working in administration, she has interest in interior designing, fashion, food and media.

Shehnaz Djorai

Shehnaz Djorai was born and raised in Suriname. She has recently moved to the Netherlands for a better future for her son. She works at a collection agency in Amsterdam. In her spare time she likes to read, mostly romance, watch movies. She likes mostly Rom-Com’s but also true-stories, and of course Disney movies. I listen to different kinds of music from Suriname songs to Bollywood music to Dutch music.

Mala Ramkhelawan

A former employee of Shell international lives in The Hague. She enjoys watching and reviewing films.
Mala was born in Surinam and moved to the Netherlands when she was 12. Completed her education in the Netherlands and with her Hindustani background developed great interest in cinema, initially Bollywood, but later on in life also international cinema..
She also has a great interest in classical Indian dance and music and modern dance and is a an avid reader of literature. Professionally she spent 25 years in a multi-national oil corporation. She travels extensively in various parts of the world to acquaint herself with other cultures.

Hossein Dortaj

Dr Dortaj is an Irani origin US citizen who lives in Houston, USA. An expert in oil and gas development, he loves to watch films and enjoy life.

Ali Dortaj

An ardent film watcher lives in Houston. His special interest was Irani Cinema.

Hanna Mitra

Hanna is a movie lover. During her working time in the early nineties, she got an exposure to  the art of filmmaking  as a  client of a  film project about HIV positive people living with AIDS. Later she had the opportunity to become a program maker for local television in The Hague. She  joined courses in television programs making in the national studios of the Netherlands, Hilversum where she graduated  in production and editorial. She was  noticed and was asked to do the editorial for a television program on suicide among Hindustani girls in The Netherlands. The program was a hit. She was also made a  program for local television on this subject.  After more then 10 years she got the opportunity to work in The Hague Global Cinema Festival and be one of the judges. “It is really nice to have seen so many people’s work and it was very difficult to select the best of it”, she says.

Safdar Zaidi

Safdar Zaidi is an author of 3 novels. He loves to write and travel. He is an ardent film watcher and critique. He lives in The Hague.

Avnish Rajvanshi

From the oil production fields of Middle East and Europe, Avnish Rajvanshi ventured into the field of filmmaking with his first film ‘The Kingmaker of the Mughal Empire’ which won international awards and accolades. With three more film production projects in the pipeline, he is also organising film festivals in The Netherlands, United States, Malaysia and India. As the Festival Director of this event, his vision is to encourage, identify and showcase talent from the crowd and to support production value over budget.

Additional Background: With a distinguished career behind with majors like Shell International, he holds a Ph.D. from Indian Institute of Technology IIT(ISM), India, with management certification from Queensland University of Technology, Australia; Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands; Cranfield School of Management, United Kingdom; University of Texas at Austin, United States and Shell Project Academy, The Netherlands.

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